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Menardi Cylindrical HEPA Filters are available in many types and sizes. They range from our smallest, which is only 35 mm wide, up to our standard “high capacity” for 950 l/sec which is 620 mm high and has a weight of around 22 kg.

This product line of filters is available in a variety of specifications, including versions for both high and low temperatures and in different seal designs.

Cylindrical filters include standard, push-push and push-trough (which is common in pharmaceutical manufacturing) filters for air exhaust, special filters approved for use in nuclear power and different types of cartridge filters. Each filter is individually tested before shipment.

All HEPA filters are made of a fine, fiberglass paper which is both flame retardant and water repellent. The filtration properties are tailored to the specific requirements; a typical HEPA specification is 99.95% – 99,995% efficient @ MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size).

ULPA filters are produced on demand, and are usually more than 99,9995% efficient at a similar particle size. We also offer related filter housing. In many cases, this type of filter is used for the removal of potentially harmful substances. In these cases we offer special filters for contamination-free filter change, or so called. Safe Change Housings, for rectangular or circular filters.