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The filter panels can be used, among other things as pre-filters in ventilation and air conditioning equipment and air intake systems, usually as protection for the next filter step with more high-performance filters.

Menardi filter panels can replace most commercially available filter panels and filter mats in interchangeable frames.

The Filter medium is a flat filter (Menardi Panel FP) or a progressive pleated non-woven synthetic filter media (Menardi Panel FZ and PZ). We also produce more sophisticated products with higher degrees of separation. In these panels, a mini-pleated filter media made of fiberglass with intermediate beads is used (Menardi Panel MP minipleat). The frame is usually made of polyethylene coated, moisture resistant cardboard but is also available in sturdy plastic or steel. The filter material is glued on the inner side of the frame in a dust-proof configuration. The complete filter panel is moisture resistant up to 100% relative humidity, so that stability is assured.