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Proven effectiveness against coronavirus / covid-19
Nocospray´’s hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant has been tested and proven to be effective against the Coronavirus. Menardi is a supplier of disinfectants and equipment to companies and players in most industries, everything from hospitals/healthcare to the food industry. Nocospray is a 99,9% biodegradable disinfectant. Nocospray is portable and developed to handle disinfection and odor remediation in a highly efficient, fast and automated way.

Nocospray Vårdsektorn-2020L (PDF)

Folkhälsomyndigheten Säkerhetsdatablad smittämnen – SARS – CoV-2 (PDF)
Disinfection Ambulances (PDF)
Declarataion Coronavirus (PDF)
Reportage-Åland (PDF)