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The filter consists of a progressive 1 or 3-layer media and is made of unbreakable, synthetic, organic fibers and microfibers and the filters do not contain fiberglass. High reliability is guaranteed thanks to tightly welded filter pockets and a molded, PUR framework.

The filter features the highest dust holding capacity and hence its long useful life. This property arises from the fact that the filter material is built up of a progressive filter media, simple- or multi-layer, and its rigid, stable pockets. It has a low average pressure drop and optimized aerodynamics which allows for the full use of the whole filter surface and results in reduced energy costs. Viledon Compact bag filters ensures maximum reliability even under temporary overloads and is maintenance-free throughout its service life. They are non-corrosive, humidity-resistant up to 100% relative humidity, thermally stable up to 70 ° C, and are fully combustible. Viledon Compact bag filters are microbiologically inactive and meet all hygiene requirements for HVAC systems and similar devices.

The Compact bag filter series includes:
Filter class ISO coarse 60-65% (G3) Viledon Compact G35
Filter class ISO coarse 70% (G4) Viledon Compact F40, F45
Filter class ISO ePM10 55% (M5) Viledon Compact F50
Filter class ISO ePM10 60% (M6) Viledon Compact T60
Filter class ISO ePM10 75%/ISO ePM2,5 65% (M6/F7) Viledon Compact T90/T90 PRE
Filter class ISO ePM2,5 60-65% (F7) Viledon Compact T90
Filter class ISO ePM1 75% (F8) Viledon Compact T95

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