Viledon Filter packs LH 350, 370, 1000 and 1000OV headericon

The high temperature filter types LH 350, LH 370, LH 1000 and LH 1000 OV are used for the filtration of recirculated air during drying in drying ovens for coating systems and for the filtration of air and gases at high temperatures.

The filter media is made from nonwoven fiberglass with a faceplate of expanded aluminum. The LH 350 and LH 1000 have an extra layer of nonwoven fiberglass on the clean air side. The thickness in total is about 14 mm and there is thermal stability from 120 to 300° C.

The fire class (DIN 53 438) is for all class F1 and is, therefore, self-extinguishing. The LH 370 is constructed of a progressively structured, nonwoven in polyester fiber, with aluminum metal at clean air side.

Product Sheet (PDF)