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Viledon MX MaxiPleat compact filters are available in filter classes M6 to E12.

The Viledon MX MaxiPleat compact filter, is a unique product which is produced using a patented process. Filter paper is characterized thermally during production so that a conical formation occurs which gives a natural back for subsequent filter pleats. This avoids conventional glue separators between the pleats. The aerodynamic, geometric pleats and the 250 mm deep pack results in optimized flow with low pressure loss even at high air flows. The filter is available in filter classes M6 to E12.

The high dust holding capacity and the mechanical stability ensures a long filter life and maximum operational reliability. The design simplifies installation and replacement. The filter elements are lightweight, corrosion-free and moisture-resistant up to 100% rel. humidity.

The MaxiPleat Modular Filter System, allows for MaxiPleat filters from different filter classes and depth to be combined using easy plug-on design. This allows for an extra pre-filter to be fitted without any major modifications.

MaxiPleat MX75, 85, 95, 98
Product sheet (PDF)

MaxiPleat MX75,85,95, 98 R – D
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MaxiPleat Modular combination systems
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MaxiPleat MX H10, 100,120 EPA
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MaxiPleat MX H10, 100, 120 R – D EPA
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