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Menardi can support with the following services:

  • Selection of filtertype and filtermedia, both for dry and liquid filtration.
  • Support on selection of type of filter solution. Menardi can help you to find the optimal solution for your requirements and the dimension of the system including fans, valves and pipes.
  • Troubleshooting – Do you have problems with the cleaning or lifetime of your current filters. Menardi will come to your plant and assist you in finding a solution to your problem.
  • Analysis and selection of gas phase chemcontrol pellets. First step is to make an analysis of the application and gases and then to determine the optimal chemcontrol pellet. Analysis of the pellets to determine the remaining lifetime can also be done.

This type of support and service for most times be free of charge if you choose to purchase the filters or filter solution from Menardi.

Menardi offers our clients validation, i.e. control and documentation of clean room and operation theatres.

Filter Housing
Menardi offers various kind of filter housing, from standard types to customized in different materials.

Menardi offers different types of accessories that is used to monitor or detect issues with your filtering, or spare parts related to dust collectors.