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Viledon HT60 (M6) and HT90 (F8)

The Viledon HT60 and HT90 high temperature filters are used in temperatures from 100 ° C and up to 260 ° C, and can be used, for example, in drying processes in the automotive industry.
These silicone-free filter elements meet particularly high requirements for clean air, reliability and cost effectiveness. They are available in the filter classes M6 and F8 (EN779), and in various standard sizes.

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Viledon Filter mats LH 243, 244 and 620

The high temperature filter types Viledon LH 243, LH 244, and LH 620 are used for the filtration of recirculated air during drying in drying ovens for coating systems and for the filtration of air and gases at high temperatures.

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