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Viledon WinAir bag filters

The Freudenberg Viledon Winair bag filters are specially designed for comfort ventilation. The filter consists of a progressive 1 or 3- layer media and is made of unbreakable, synthetic. organic fibers and microfibers- the filters contain no fiberglass. Guaranteed tightness due to welded filter pockets and molded PUR framework.

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Viledon Compact bag filters

The Viledon Compact bag filters feature the highest dust holding capacity and hence a long useful life. The Nano jetSpin technology is now included in the Viledon jetSpin Compact bag filters in the T90, MF90, MF95 series – ensuring maximum filter performance with the latest technology from Freudenberg. Viledon Compact bag filters consist of a progressive 1 or 3-layer media and are made of unbreakable, synthetic, organic fibers and microfibers and the filters do not contain fiberglass. High reliability is guaranteed thanks to tightly welded filter pockets and a molded, PUR framework.

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Menardi AirStream bag filters

AirStream is the generic name for the bag filter products we market outside Freudenberg’s standard range. The filter media we use is essentially a synthetic polymeric material,but we also work, when requested, with fiberglass media products.

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