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Viledon Nexx ® Filter bags

Viledon Nexx ® filter bags with unique Evolon ® technology are the next generation of filters with outstanding advantages over traditional filters made from needle felt. Compared to these Nexx is much lighter, sturdier and more durable, and they have lower mechanical stress due to lower operating pressure. This extends cleaning intervals and filtration cycles as well as provides energy savings and reduced expenses for maintenance and replacement.

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Menardi AirFlexx Filter bags

We provide a complementary range of filter bags and cartridges for all types of textile filters. We work with materials such as Polyester, polyamide, Polypropylene, Dralon, Nomex, etc. Many sizes are manufacturing standard, but we can also make a customized size after we have evaluated the process and verified its specific needs. This way we can recommend the best filter bags to suit your process.

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