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These bag filters may be optimal for certain operational situations where there are large amounts of dust. Examples of this might be if you are working with sugar, wood or cement, whether in steelworks, foundries or a surface treatment process.

Viledon Nexx ® filter bags with unique Evolon ® technology are the next generation of filters with outstanding advantages over traditional filters made from needle felt. Compared to these Nexx is much lighter, sturdier and more durable, and they have lower mechanical stress due to lower operating pressure. This extends cleaning intervals and filtration cycles as well as provides energy savings and reduced expenses for maintenance and replacement. Clean gas values of 1 mg/m³ are continuously achieved with the Nexx Viledon ®.

The Viledon Hi-Nexx is an improved design of the standard Nexx filter bags. Improved filter effectiveness in combination with an extended life is achieved through an optimized production process with even finer fibres on the filter’s upstream side.

In addition to the Viledon NEXX and Hi-Nexx varieties, we also offer the MAXX bag filter made of polyester with a laminated PTFE membrane for the highest demands in terms of efficiency. These are ideal and have a significantly longer lifespan than conventional needle felt and have a very high resistance to abrasion.

All Viledon filter bags are available with or without anti-static treatment and come in a variety of sizes, lengths and variations. By taking a dust sample (that can be scratchy, fine, sticky or greasy), we can determine the right product with the right effect.

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