Viledon HT60 (M6) and HT90 (F8) headericon

The Viledon HT60 and HT90 high temperature filters consist of close pleated filter paper of heat resistant, micro fiberglass in a of special steel construction.

This means a product with high mechanical stability and good moisture resistance. In the deeper variant of 292 mm, the filter paper separators are made of a corrugated aluminum with rounded edges. This in combination with double-layer filter paper means a maximum mechanical strength is achieved. In order to prevent accidental contact, a metal shield is available on both upstream and downstream, ensuring safe and easy handling, and prevents potential damage to the filter media during transport and installation.

The filter frames are made of galvanized steel or extruded aluminium profiles and are fitted with a thermal, extremely robust and abrasion-resistant, circular seal of glass to prevent leakage. These silicone free filter elements meet particularly high demands for clean air, reliability and cost effectiveness.

They are available in filter classes M6 and F8 (EN779), and in various standard sizes. The product can be used in temperatures from 100 ° C and up to 260° C, and can be used, for example, in drying processes in the automotive industry.

HT60/HT90 in depth 22-78mm
Product Sheet (PDF)
Product Sheet – depth 55 (PDF)

HT60/HT90 in depth 292mm
Product Sheet (PDF)