Menardi PTH Push Through Housing headericon

Menardi has a range of Push Through filter systems to suit varying applications in both the pharmaceutical, Nuclear and commercial environment. The Menardi push-through filter system is primarily intended for use as a supply or exhaust filter to small cells, glove boxes and isolators. Menardi Push through filter systems are available in a range of different standard sizes to suit normal system duties from 10 to 160 l/s, however we also have special non-standard sizes and design to suit the specific application.

Housings can be configured to suit both single and 2 stage (primary and secondary) applications and can be installed in any orientation.

Menardi Push through filter systems utilize radial flow HEPA filter inserts with external lip seals which are available in a range of standard sizes and materials of construction.

Menardi Push Through filter inserts are changed by pushing the used insert through its cylindrical housing into the contained cell for bagging and disposal or into a safe change bagging port.