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Today’s highly efficient manufacturing processes in the metal processing industry produces very high concentrations of aerosols (mist, smoke and particles).  A high performance oil mist separator is required to remove these contaminants. The separator must be able to handle large amounts of emulsion/oil with a large quantity of aerosol less than 1 µm in droplet size. Menardi’s FibreDrain concept ensures that both the filters and the filter units are designed to meet the highest demands in terms of efficiency and drainage capacity.

The FibreDrain concept contains much more than just oil mist separators. We always strive to work closely with our customers, where we survey the working environment and become familiar with every application before we propose the equipment best suited. An installed oil mist separator from Menardi means security and very little maintenance for our customers. A mantra for us at Menardi is that our customers are confident that both the internal and external environment is secured and service on the oil mist separator is minimal.

Typical areas where Menardi’s oil mist separators are used include: metal cutting, cold rolling, hot forming, cold forging, curing and other processes where oil mist generated.

OilMistSolutions (PDF)

Technical sheet
Oilmist Collector MenardiOMF1000M (PDF)
Oilmist Collector MenardiOMF2000M (PDF)
Oilmist Collector MenardiOMF4000M (PDF)
Oilmist Collector MenardiOMF6000M (PDF)
Oilmist Collector MenardiOMFFlexComp1000M (PDF)
Oilmist Collector MenardiOMFFlexComp2000M (PDF)

Oilsmoke Collector MenardiOSF1000S (PDF)
Oilsmoke Collector MenardiOSF1000S-2 (PDF)
Oilsmoke Collector MenardiOSF2000S (PDF)
Oilsmoke Collector MenardiOSF3000S (PDF)
Oilsmoke Collector MenardiOSF3500S (PDF)
Oilsmoke Collector MenardiOSFFlexComp500S (PDF)
Oilsmoke Collector MenardiOSFFlexComp1000S (PDF)